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Q. What should I do to continue my "Positive Brain Training for True Success" journey after I complete my free course?

  1. The next step in your “True Success” journey is simply enrolling into the subsequent course.

Q. How long after I purchase my "Positive Brain Training for True Success” course will it take before I have access?

  1. As soon as we receive course payment confirmation your course access is granted.

Q. Will I be able to reenter my course once I purchase it?

  1. Yes, of course! The courses are available to every user forever. As a matter of fact the "Positive Brain Training for True Success” systems are more effective when they are used more frequently.

Q. Can I begin with personal-growth courses and then switch to the business side during my true success journey?

  1. Yes, you may! The “True Success” coursework is a large part of the MMA business solution model; therefore, the transition is seamless and course cost is deducted from your MMA development funds.

Q. Are there any of Michaelson Williams’s books offered with the online courses?

  1. There are no books offered with the online courses at this time unless you are a member of the MMA. However, you are welcome to visit The MMAP Book Store to purchase Michaelson books and accelerate your “True Success” journey.

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MMAP Affiliates FAQ's

Q. As a Affiliate of The MMAP Learning Center am I allowed to promote items in “The MMAP Book Store” on my website?

A. Books that are in The MMAP Book Store can only be promoted through the Amazon.com affiliate program at this time. However, if you are already a part of the Amazon affiliate program promoting Michaelson's books will undoubtedly give you a boost in product visibility.

Q. Can I act as an independent affiliate marketer and also be a member of the Masters of Mind Alliance Project business simultaneously?

A. Unfortunately this is not allowed. At anytime you wish to suspend your affiliate marketing agreement to become a member of the Masters of Mind Alliance Project you are welcome to do so. The Masters of Mind Alliance Project is always our first priority here at The MMAP Learning Center.

Q. Can I continue to promote Michaelson Williams books through my Amazon affiliate program when I become a member of the Masters of Mind Alliance Project?

A. Yes. If you are an affiliate marketer on Amazon you can continue promoting whatever products you wish including books written by Michaelson Williams. Being a Amazon.com affiliate is not a conflict of interest with the Masters of Mind Alliance Project nor The MMAP Learning Center.

Q. Will I be able to promote The MMAP's designated products electronically via phone and email?

A. Yes. Located within the Affiliate Marketers dashboard are link ID's to be used in both phone and email communications.

Q. Will there be other products on the MMAP Learning Center's website for me to promote as an affiliate marketer?

A. Yes. We are planning to add more courses to the platform in the near future. Although not every course will be available for the affiliates program some of the new coursework will be a part of the program. Whatever the current commission rate is at the time will be applied to all new products being released.


Please check The MMAP Learning Center tutorials for more information and answers to your affiliate marketer questions.


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