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entrepreneurs never give up

Entrepreneurs Never Give Up

Life is a journey and it is one we should Never Quit on. We are conditioned to believe everything in life should come immediately; therefore, we find giving-up to be rather un-daunting. Sometimes we take life for granted and believe we are entitled to a free ride in the pursuit of a lavish existence. Some people give up long before they are able to realize their ability to accomplish the dream. People want everything to be given to them on a silver platter rather than place blame elsewhere when things don’t go as planned. Not giving up while in pursuit of the dream life doesn’t mean working towards the goal blindly. Never giving up means learning lessons while on the True Success journey and taking responsibility for every pass or fail along the way. Always plan to excel at whatever you do.

"Change Your Mind; Change Your Life Journey, Forever"

~Michaelson Williams

Entrepreneurs never give up. How does this mindset of “never giving up” apply to the entrepreneur? As entrepreneurs searches for new business opportunities there should be an openness of mind and patience while waiting for positive results.If there is a business related opportunity and money isn’t made immediately don’t fall so quickly into the negativity of thinking “it was a scam”. While there are people who try to get over on others there are no scams, only un-researched cons pulled on people who are many times driven by greed. No one can pull the wool over the eyes of an informed person. Entrepreneurs never give up and use due diligence in order to plan your path to dream attainment and true success. With proper knowledge and understanding of any opportunity the informed entrepreneur can move forward into a venture without hesitation. Therefore, Entrepreneurs never give up.

entrepreneurs never give up

Never giving up as an entrepreneur means taking whatever steps necessary to accomplish ones goal in life. The goal need not be large in its inception. How large or small the goal is only matters to the conscious mind. The unconscious mind couldn’t care less. If the conscious mind recognizes a goal as something unattainable this increases the chances of quitting. Notice I did not say failure as quitting and failure are not the same, one being deliberate, the other being sometimes essential to True Success. When the entrepreneur learns to use principles which are not driven consciously; this allows the subconscious to move more effortlessly towards goal attainment. Therefore: entrepreneurs never give up as energy invested initially to realize True Success will reveal itself through positive results springing forth unconsciously.


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mentoring relationships for success

Mentor / Mentoring Relationships for Success

Acting as a adviser to a person is not difficult at all; however, being a average advise giver versus becoming an excellent mentor can be a dramatically different undertaking. Not all mentoring is the same or even helpful if the mentor chosen is not an expert at his or her position or craft. Good mentors lead by example and advise others people who may use their knowledge in an encouraging manner geared towards success. How important is a mentor’s knowledge when contributing to the benefit of others? The knowledgeable information and relationship which can be obtained from a masterful thinker can potentially be worth millions of dollars. Entrepreneurs’ who recognize the importance of connecting with a mentor potentially gain superior success knowledge not realized by those who do not seek mentoring... Read the rest of mentor mentoring relationships for success article here.

mentor mentoring relationships

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By: Roseanne Bottone Roseanne Bottone

Author, entrepreneur and physical fitness expert Michaelson Williams exemplifies the new American worker. He uses the Internet, social media and the Cloud to create niche marketing opportunities for his books and virtual training service, "I'm CloudFit."

It's been reported that 30 percent of today's workforce is made up of "contingent" workers — freelancers, temps, contract workers and other specialists. Williams has taken his passion and talents to create meaningful and lucrative work on his own terms. Perhaps his story can encourage you to think outside the "minimum wage," "I'll take what I can get," and "woefully unfulfilled or underemployed" boxes.

Illness sparks career

Williams was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, a disease that weakens the bones. He initially turned to weightlifting to help build stronger bones. "Now it has become irrelevant," he said. "I don't even think about it anymore." In fact, he is a strong proponent of psychology and critical thinking. Mind conditioning techniques play an important role in the books he writes.

Williams has been a certified fitness instructor for 25 years and began his career as a personal trainer. He won the North Carolina State Body Building competition in 1999.

Despite his personal successes, he was not content to work as a "captured" employee in someone else's gym, so he opened a studio. He took great satisfaction caring for his own clientele. "I designed workouts and techniques that were even effective for people with disabilities. Some of my disabled clients achieved levels of success that they and their doctors never dreamed possible," Williams said proudly. Aim Hire Trainwashing

He began writing books to share his wealth of knowledge. "I'm Core Fit" and its successor, "The Ultimate Fitness Tips," provide psychological tips and creative strategies for developing and committing to workouts and a healthy lifestyle.

Williams said "Whether it's achieving physical fitness goals or any other goal, the conversation you have with yourself is the most important conversation you'll have." With that in mind, his latest book, "Trainwashing," teaches the reader to let go of a lifetime of negative conditioning and "brainwash" the mind to think positively. (It's available on amazon.com).

Expands his universe

Finally, Williams decided that the freedom to travel was important to him and he moved from the physical studio building to a virtual site with "I'm CloudFit" (imcloudfit.com). CloudFit professional fitness consultants help clients map out and reach their personal goals using an online forum.

Technology and social and mobile computing platforms are reshaping the working environment. The "brick-and-mortar" workplace will become a thing of the past. Working in the "cloud" allows entrepreneurs like Williams to set their own flexible terms for work locations and schedules that suit their personal lifestyles.

Retreats to Poconos

A graduate of Pleasant Valley High School, Williams now lives in Raleigh, N.C. He is on retreat to his native Poconos to enjoy the fall scenery while he writes his next book.

The Intuit 2020 report on "Twenty Trends That Will Shape the Next Decade" looks at significant trends and forces affecting consumers and small businesses over the next decade at intuit.com/2020.

Work-life balance will improve as people work from home, or locally, resulting in stronger community ties.

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