Building Blocks of “True Success”

CLP - Corrective Linguistic Programming - Michaelson Williams - Building Blocks of "True Success"


Course Description: This “PBT4TS” “Positive Brain Training for True Success” course is being offered as the beginning building blocks of “True Success”. The courses contained within “The MMAP” are meant as a method for users to harmlessly baby step their way to a “True Success” lifestyle. Every step taken in this course and subsequent courses will act as a small step forwards to a increasingly positive “True Success” mindset. This is incredibly important as every thought in the mind is a built reality in the human experience. The coursework will allow students to realize aspects of achievement in anything they choose. The MMAP courses were also created as tools for building positive condition principles which will last the rest of the practitioners’ life. The “PBT4TS” courses not to be applied as short-term fixes. Please read the “PBT4TS” course requirements below prior to beginning your “True Success” journey.

Positive Brain Training for "True Success" Development Course


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