CLP – Corrective Linguistic Programming Reading and Explanation

CLP – Corrective Linguistic Programming Reading and Explanation

CLP- Corrective Linguistic Programming is associated with Trainwashing through the application of positive trance-anchoring. CLP is an additional piece of the puzzle, created as a tool within the True Success principles of Trainwashing. The implementation of CLP as an add-on to the system of Trainwashing helps to re-program a negatively conditioned mind. CLP allows the reader to use visual, verbal, and emotional stimulation to positively suggest new self-fulfilling, True Success driven, principles to their life. The CLP citations, song lyrics, and poems were specially designed for this book in order to facilitate the journey to True Success. CLP is meant to be used as a helpful tool for confronting life head-on. Moreover, for people to allow themselves less opportunity to hide behind excuses, to why non-achievement should be an accepted component of life. There is no reason, conditioned or built-in, anyone should be focusing on why they cannot accomplish anything. The positive training of CLP occurs in the forefront, consciously through deliberate action, as well as in the background, subconsciously where the human value system is running on autopilot. CLP allows for a unique Trainwashing experience as the external and internal conversation occurs simultaneously with no stress or stain on the mind itself. Corrective Linguistic Programming deals with the most important and frequent conversations a person has in life, in a subtle and non-aggressive manner. The most significant conversations people have in their entire lifetime, is the ones they have with themselves. CLP assists in changing this constant dialogue from a negative platform to one which gradually adapts to positive inputs and outputs or conscious and subconscious chatter. CLP creates an imagination portal in the mind which will generate a new life story. Think of this imagination portal as a doorway from past experiences to current goal achievement actions. The past experience shows how much action was taken toward goal attainment in the past. This information can be used as a reference to how much more action should be taken towards current goals.


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