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This sample introductory course will give the student an idea of what it means to engage in “Positive Brain Training for True Success” development. This introduction is a segmented and slightly simplified version of an actual MMAP Learning Center course. Positive brain training for “True Success” is an ongoing process which takes place over multiple courses geared towards the enhancement and acceleration of a persons “True Success” way of life. Be prepared to wash clean a lifelong negative conditioning which has held your “True Success” at bay.

Module 1 (Audio Lecture) Be Positive and Deliver Positive Energy
Unit 1 Be Positive and Deliver Positive Energy
Module 2 NLP versus CLP on the Journey Towards a True Success Mindset
Unit 1 Differences Between NLP and CLP
Module 3 (Audio Lecture) Vision Boarding The Future Into The Now
Unit 1 Vision Boarding The Future Into The Now
Module 4 Positive Brain Training for True Success Using CLP (lecture)
Unit 1 Corrective Linguistic Programming Reading and Explanation
Unit 2 Quiz: (PBT4TS) Introductory Sample Course Quiz
Module 5 Please let us know how you feel about this free sample course.
Unit 1 Free Sample Course Survey

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