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The MMAP Learning Center Rapid Fire Sprint Task Training

Coaching vs. Coasting – The Entrepreneurial Journey

The “Rapid-Fire Sprint Task” is designed as a quick shot of adrenaline for your “Positive Brain Training for True Success” development. This particular session focuses on the student’s ability to recognize whether they have a “coaching” or “coasting” mindset at this point on their life journey. This “Positive Brain Training for True Success” development “short-shot” task uses a entrepreneurial model; however, the information and lessons within this module  can be applied to many life situations.

FREE Bonuses: “Trainwashing; The Secrets of Positive Brain Washing” value is $19.89. Your second Surprise Free Bonus is something that you can share with the kids is valued at $7.99, making the total bonus value for this course $27.88. Just in case you didn’t catch that, this course is virtually free.

Module 1 Coaching vs Coasting – The Entrepreneurial Journey  
Unit 1 Coaching vs Coasting Rapid-Fire Sprint Task
Unit 2 Coaching vs. Coasting Recap Quiz
Module 2 Bonus Material  
Unit 1 Bonus: Trainwashing; The Secrets of Positive Brain Washing
Module 3 Surprise Bonus Material You'll Want To Share With Your Kids  
Unit 1 Surprise Bonus Here->>

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Ready for round two

I loved it and I am doing it again.



This site has been a total inspiration to me. I love the training and like even more that I can get this type of training for the first time in my life. Definitely a change from all of the other self help S I've been looking at over the years.



Mentoring was great and thanks for the free gift. I was worth the price of the course.

Thank You!

Thank you for this course, I really needed this information. I can't wait to start my next one. I can't believe how simple but powerful these ideas are.


Fast and to the point

This course was fast and to the point and I am looking forward to continuing my positive training here. Wonderful Wonderful! Thank You Michaelson Williams Sincerely,Sarah

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