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The MMAP Learning Center Rapid Fire Sprint Task Training

How To Wake Up Feeling Amazing, Every Morning!

This “Rapid-Fire Sprint Task” connects the student with powerful usable techniques to induce better sleep patterns that will assure pleasant waking in the morning. Why is it important to create optimal sleep cycles and what does this have to do with “True Success”? One of reasons to promote better sleep is because, if you are able to “wake up feeling amazing every morning”, the rest of your day seems a bit less stressful. This means the energy spent on creating success is in a heightened state and positive people tend to migrate towards higher energy. Also included in this task is a poetry reading from Michaelson Williams that is surely going to raise your spirits. It is suggested that you listen to this poem whenever you need a boost of positive energy. Let’s Get Started!

Module 1 Text: How To Wake Up Feeling Amazing, Every Morning!  
Unit 1 PDF Text Reading: How To Wake Up Feeling Amazing, Every Morning!
Module 2 Audio Lecture: Poetry Reading  
Unit 1 Audio Lecture: Poetry Reading 0006
Unit 2 Rapid-Fire Sprint Task Quiz 0006

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