The Magic of “True Success” Thinking

The Magic of "True Success" Thinking

 The Magic of “True Success” Thinking

Course Description: This course is a continuation however more in-depth version the free sample course you’ve just completed. Each PBT4TS course is setup as a progression however; they also have the ability to act as a standalone course for those who are not enrolled into The MMAP. When entering into this training course students can expect an expansion of knowledge about the inner-self. This self-knowledge will continue to propel the learner forward on his or her journey to a more positive mindset. The aptitude for “True Success” is increased with each module and unit inside every course. Expect to notice inward as well as outward changes in how you view the world which is your reality. During your journey towards “Real Success” there are many ups and downs which occur; however, having greater understanding of the inner-self assures time spent in the negative space is diminished.



The MMAP Learning Center Course One Positive Brain Training for True Success

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