MMAP: Building Better Business Solutions into the Future


The MMAP is Building Better Business Solutions into the Future

MMAP Learning Center Building Better Business Solutions into the Future

The Masters of Mind Alliance “MMA” is a “Positive Brain Training for True Success” income generating program which also focuses on building better business solutions. One of the Master of Mind Alliance (MMA) points of focus is on creating within each of its student’s a skill sets which allows some level of success, even if the program is not entirely applied by its users. However the curriculum must be fully implemented in order for our students to take complete advantage of the “True Success” guarantee. The project then moves participants through a series of “True Success” business relationship processes which will build into lifelong financial success. These newly acquired principles cannot be unidentified with during the “True Success” journey therefore they lend themselves to be used as a corner stone of life.

There are all types of people from all walks of life who would be drawn to the MMA project for many different reasons. Everyone is on their own personal journey; therefore, reasons for entering the MMA differ greatly. The Masters of Mind Alliance project allows people from all walks of life to create better business solutions groups or communities which help to facilitate “True Success” for everyone. You name a group and you will likely find candidates for participating in the MMA from home makers to the homeless; billionaire to the broke; highly educated to almost no education at all. The Masters of Mind Alliance has no need to discriminate against anyone because the Positive Brain Training, True Success, learning systems can be used by anyone. Set a goal, attain it, Period.

Uninhibited Minds

Build Better Business Solutions

You are the type of person who joins the MMA and enrolls into the ETC True Success system of training. If you’ve ever wanted to build something true-to-self and philanthropic in nature or something everlasting, something that grows with you, this is it! The MMA is less about multi-level marketing and more about an honest conversation on building current and future sustainable growth of a new paradigm. Through this conversation, positive, intelligent thinking of many people form cohesive and collective goals structured around the True Success of each individual member. You’ll Never Be Alone!


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