The MMAP (PBT) Radio

college radioMichaelson Williams Radio Interviews

The “Talk Show” on WESS Radio (90.3 FM)

Hosted by: Professor at ESU Rob McKenzie

Clip 1: Masters of Mind Alliance Project or MMAP

Duration: 00:01:29

      Michaelson Williams WESS Radio 90.3 Interview Clip 1

 Clip 2: Programmed Fears, and Academic Reality

Duration: 00:01:19

      Michaelson Williams WESS Radio 90.3 Interview Clip 2

Clip 3: The Paramount Meal of Life

Duration: 00:02:32

      Michaelson Williams WESS 90.3 Radio Interview Clip 3

Full Interview: Michaelson Williams with PhD. Professor Rob McKenzie

Duration: 00:51:51

      Michaleson Williams WESS Radio FM 90.3 with Rob McKenzie


Web Talk RadioConversations Beyond Science and Religion

Michaelson Williams: Trainwashing; The Secrets of Positive Brain Washing

Hosted by: Philip Mereton

Duration: 00:58:57


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