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Member/Student Code of Ethics

The following code of ethics is designed to assist all people, fitness enthusiast, or not, to increase their education about exercise, health, fitness, and total longevity, for a better life. This code is to increase the knowledge of members and non-members, certified or non-certified in the “ICFTS” I’m Core Fit Training Systems. Also this code of ethics is to ensure the greatest level of service and professionalism from anyone involved in the client services and self-service platform of The MMAP Learning Center and ICFTS trainers and other systems or ways of client interaction. Those who are not associated with the actual training of clients who are using “ICFTS” through The MMAP Learning Center should use the same code of ethics which are in line with this website, coursework and the “ICFTS” I’m Core Fit Training System and its business model.


Business Practices

Each certified and noncertified member/student must practice with honesty, integrity, and operate within the law of the state and federal government. Each person using this system as a trainer must be professional in all actions in his or her professional role, the completely certified or partially certified member/student and or users representing or not shall:

  1. Use and maintain adequate liability insurance.

  2. Use and maintain adequate and truthful progress and records on every client if used in a professional setting.

  3. Keep the public informed of all services included in this system of training or otherwise in the professional and private sectors.

  4. Be honest and forthright about the use of the “ICFTS” I’m Core Fit Training Systems and ethical practices.

  5. Represent themselves as truthful and honest in all services which are delivered through any and all platforms associated with Michaelson Williams, “ICFTS” and The MMAP Learning Center without the use of provocative or sexual language or pictures.

  6. Responsible for all financial and tax records, contracts, appointments for no less than 5 years and understand these records are in no way the responsibility or associated with the “ICFTS”, The MMAP Learning Center, Michaelson Williams dot com or any and all companies associated with Michaelson Williams and partners.

  7. Comply with all local and federal laws if using this system in brick and mortar or virtual online or otherwise.

Michaelson Williams, The MMAP Learning Center, I’m Core Fit, VirtHealth, ICFTS and partners expect anyone using this system of training to use the same ethical standards as named and will hold certified and noncertified member’s/student’s to this high standard under strict disciplinary actions if any of these systems are violated or misused in unlawful behavior or unethical practices of any kind.


[ Term & Conditions ] and [ Warnings and Disclaimer of Liability ]

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